It's time to get rid of the Innovation Department

Thinking creativity about the future is everyone's job now.

If an organisation has a recognised Innovation Department - a dedicated business unit that is tasked to spearhead innovation and creative thinking on behalf of the entire business - you can be pretty damn sure that the rest of the business is not innovative at all.

Every piece of work that comes out of that Innovation Department will be viewed as foreign, disruptive of the status quo and something that is apart from the serious work that the rest of the company does.

The days of it being good enough for innovation to be housed in one department are now officially over.

Unless every single department; and each and every individual who works in those departments, is constantly dedicated to developing a mindset and practice of innovation - the future of that entire organisation (and the jobs that it provides for people) will be at serious risk.

Thinking creativity about the future is everyone's job now - it doesn't really matter whether you work in IT, accounts, legal, tech or marketing. The same rules apply to all.

Nail the door of the Innovation Department shut forever and make its measurement rather the #1 KPI for every single employee.

Improve your organisational thinking

Over the years, Jonathan Cherry has trained people at numerous organisations (including UCT's Graduate School of Business, Dimension Data and Santam) to practically apply alternative methods of thinking for accelerated business growth and resilience in uncertain times.

If you need a facilitator and trainer to take you through this process for your organisation, please get in touch here to chat with Jon.

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