About Cherryflava

About Cherryflava

Cherryflava is an opinionated commentary on change and its influence on futures.

Our mission, since the site was created in 2004, is to spot, explore and better understand feint signals of change, new thinking and ideas, and; ultimately inspire decision-makers to think more creatively in their innovative responses.

Published almost daily.

Founded in 2004 by Jonathan Cherry.

Why understand change?

The phenomena of change induces stress into systems; organisational systems and social systems can quickly become overwhelmed as a result. Without proper analysis and understanding of this change, and a coherent vision of how to respond to it, change can be incredibly destructive.

With change happening as quickly as it does today - the need for organisations to gain better clarity on how global, multi-dimensional change may affect them and their operating environment, is greater than ever.

Enriching organisational strategy through scenario planning

Cherryflava editor, Jonathan Cherry, has extensive experience facilitating scenario planning workshops and strategic foresight sessions with organisations; helping groups understand change at a deeper level as well as empowering participants to explore the possible strategic options available in response to it.

An open invitation

If you have a particular business, growth or strategy problem that you have been struggling with, please get in touch with us and let's have a chat to see if scenario planning is a good exercise for your organisation to consider.