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Horizon scanning
Interesting indicators of change that could serve as an inflection point that has a significant effect on the future.
The New World of Business - Cherryflava
How is business innovating to be more efficient, effective and impactful?
Articles - Cherryflava
A collection of insights to help you make sense of the radical change that is happening around us and how you can respond.
Automation & digitalisation - Cherryflava
How will management, customer experience, operations and business models evolve as automation and digitalisation are adopted?
The Future of the Consumer - Cherryflava
Consumer behaviour is changing along with what people value. How will this change affect the way business does business?
The Future of Work - Cherryflava
What does the future of the workplace, work life and how human being make a living look like?
The Future of Marketing and Branding - Cherryflava
How will marketing and branding unfold into the future?
The New World of Technology - Cherryflava
What new technologies will have an impact on our lives?
Tools - Cherryflava
Cherryflava tools that help you measure, design and make better use of your future.
Podcasts - Cherryflava
Cherryflava podcast series ‘The Heroes of Futurism’.
Case studies - Cherryflava
Stories of past successes and learnings.
Videos - Cherryflava
Videos that we create as well as those from around the web that we think are worthwhile giving some attention to.