How to radically improve your 'future fitness'

People and companies need to actively develop their futures thinking and become a learning organisation.

We are journeying into the future at an ever-increasing speed.

Advances in technologies are changing the social and business landscape daily; changes which have disrupted entire industries and created a lot of uncertainty for the future of thousands of people.

In their latest Future of Jobs Report - the World Economic Forum suggests:

'The top skills and skill groups which employers see as rising in prominence in the lead up to 2025 include groups such as critical thinking and analysis as well as creative problem-solving, and skills in self-management such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.'

To develop these skills people and companies need to actively and continuously develop their futures and creative thinking and dedicate themselves to becoming a learning organisation.

To do this - we suggest the following 3 steps be taken to improve 'future fitness'.

  1. Get familiar with change

By continuously familiarising teams and organisations with evidence of change that is happening in many different domains (even changes seemingly far removed from the core focus of the business) people are better able to mentally deal with change and proactively identify how it might offer opportunity rather than threat.

2. Think creatively about how that change may unfold over time

Actively brainstorm how change might affect consumer behaviour and your business in the future. Get comfortable with mentally processes the feint signals of change and how it might have relevance to you.

3. Ask probing questions of the change

Ongoing organisational learning happens when you ask great, new questions of what you see in front of you. This takes practice and the development of curiosity and a passion for experimentation to explore further.

Introducing The Cherryflava Strategic Monthly Briefing

Seeing that there is an urgent need for better 'future fitness' in teams and organisations - we are happy to introduce The Cherryflava Strategic Monthly Briefing.

The briefing is a monthly snapshot of key changes in the consumer environment, regulation, key developments in the world of business, culture, changes in the nature of marketing, technology and innovation and more - presented live & online by Jonathan Cherry, in a dedicated 1-hour session (just with your organisation) every month.  

Getting a monthly dose of futures research from a professional futurist is a fantastic way to get your organisation to think more creatively and strategically about the future; building up a capacity for better organisational learning and creating internal conditions for improved intrapreneurship, inter-department collaboration and dialogue.

Orders are open from today

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