About Jonathan Cherry

About Jonathan Cherry

Q: What is a futurist?

A: A professional futurist is somebody who specialises in helping clients make sense of complex change and better long-term judgments when faced with the uncertainty associated with the future.

I wrote a whole piece that goes into more detail about the discipline which you can read here.

Q: I see you have a degree in future studies?

A: Yes, after working for many years as a marketer and pioneering many innovative approaches to experiential marketing for clients, I found Future Studies the perfect scientific theory to complement and enhance the work that I was already doing.

Q: What specific problem do you solve for your clients?

A: I help companies develop and implement strategy. Most strategic efforts undertaken by companies fail miserably, I specialise in getting the desired results from the process.

I work with clients to design strategies for short-term problems as well as long-term projects which are more geared towards future prospects.

Q: Who have you worked with?

A: I’ve worked with numerous organisations all around the world over the years, but I’m most proud of the work that we did for Dimension Data, Woolworths, Yuppiechef, British American Tobacco, Lobster Ink and Santam all of which was highly-innovative in its effectiveness and impact.

Q: What’s your vision for the future?

A: My own vision of the future is to create a measurable impact by inspiring business leaders to think more creatively and create the future innovations that the world needs to empower more people and solve some of the immense challenges that we face today.