Why clarifying the purpose of your organisation is more important than ever

When people just go to work to do their job, they are not themselves growing with the evolving purpose of the organisation.

When everyone in an organisation is pulling in the same direction, some remarkable progress can be achieved.

That statement sounds fairly obvious, but in my experience as a consultant, who professionally helps organisations fine tune their clear strategic intent, you would be surprised as to how few employees (and executives for that matter) really know what purpose their company serves; or are able to easily articulate it.

The danger of this kind of ambiguity is that people go to work to do their job; they report to their manager, who heads up their department.

The perspective of the individual then is not on the collective value that the company is making to the world, but rather their internal resonance with their experience of the time they offer for the money they get. This inward focus doesn't allow individuals to grow with the changing dynamics of the company.

Now - when individuals and teams are not necessarily all sitting in the same building, or even within the walls of what you would classify as a company office, the clear definition of an organisation's long-term strategic intent becomes even more vital.

A company with a distributed workforce which increasingly leverages automation and digital workflows is far more adaptable and dynamic in the face of rapid change.

The future of work

The future of successful organisations and the future of work within those organisations increasingly depends on (1) the building of a robust collective culture that celebrates growth, innovation and progress, while (2) focusing continuously on up-skilling and retraining staff to make more valuable contributions in the future.

When people just go to work to do their job, they are not themselves growing with the evolving purpose of the organisation and will most likely be made redundant as the company changes with the marketplace and the value of their contribution diminishes.

A culture that invites all staff to contribute towards the purpose of the organisation breeds a workforce that is constantly engaged in dynamically working towards achieving the desired outcomes of the company, which in these times or rapid change and uncertainty is a far better way of constantly reimagining the path forward.

Clarify your strategic intent

Over the years, Jonathan Cherry has consulted to numerous organisations helping them clearly define their strategic intent and strategy map for accelerated business growth and resilience in uncertain times.

If you need a facilitator to take you through this process for your organisation, please get in touch here to chat with Jon.