Tracksmith says that running is a gift

No celebrities, no flashy music, nothing crazy.

The world of business is very much obsessed with brands that scale and everyone trying to become the next Jeff Bezos.

But between nowhere and Elon Musk there are literally millions of small, indie brands that are staying in business and quietly going about their business of defining their categories a world away from the big players in the industry.

Globally road running apparel is dominated by the big players [Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour etc etc etc], but there are a growing band of niche running labels that are creating some pretty damn edgy stuff on the periphery that hardly ever get noticed.

Tracksmith is an American running gear manufacturer (based in Boston) that serves the weekend runner that has no aspiration to run in the Olympics.  

Their running gear is comfy, uses neutral tones, has no visible branding (thankfully) is made of top quality fabrics and just looks like stuff that you'll want to wear; whether you are banging out a quick pre-breakfast jaunt or sipping a beer while talking crap with friends and lounging around a log-burning fire.

No celebrities, no flashy music, nothing crazy.

We're also mildly obsessed with their content - who shoots film this well?

After this pandemic - the ability to run is a gift; and being able to easily run a couple of miles on a Saturday morning effortlessly, will make you feel like the richest person alive.


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