The world's most innovative companies

Fast Company have published their list of the world's most innovative companies for 2021.

In 2021, if a company does not have an active, companywide single-point intention to be increasingly, commercially-innovative everyday - then they have a single-minded intention of putting themselves out of business.

This is the reality.

Innovation can no longer be a word that you throw around loosely in your annual planning and then fail to effectively implement; it needs to be the key component as to why you continue to exist.

With this in mind - Fast Company have published their list of the world's most innovative companies for 2021.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2021
Fast Company’s 2021 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

We love these lists, because you tend to discover innovative business that you've never heard of before. One example is a clever camping experience platform called HipCamp.

HipCamp is a simple travel site that gives people good reasons to get into the outdoors and experience camping - it also gives people who own land the opportunity to welcome campers to their land for the weekend - and earn some money. It's like AirBNB for farmers.

We love nothing more than companies that can successfully turn a commodity into a brand. Avocados from Mexico is a great example of how one such company took the simple avocado and turning it into a household name. Simple branding - huge results.

goTRG is a reverse logistics company that helps big retailers make better decisions about their returned goods.

'goTRG’s Returns Automated Disposition (RAD) software helps employees instantly determine whether it’s most profitable to re-shelve returned items or put them into goTRG’s resale stream, where they can be fixed and resold on marketplaces, or salvaged for parts and recycled.'

Head over to Fast Company for the rest on the list.


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