The number of future scenarios that could play out from here are numerous.

With so many variables of change affecting the world at the moment, what the future might look like even in the next couple of months is extremely uncertain.

When navigating a company, or team, through times like these, a very useful tool to generate a better understanding of the future is scenario planning.

Good scenario planning takes quite a wide look at multiple factors that may influence the future; and distills these elements into logical narratives that paint a very real picture of various possible future states that a business might find itself operating in.  

The exercise then gives leaders and managers a clearer picture into which they can then make critical decisions affecting the sustainability of the business.

And as mentioned before, even if a future eventually does unfold that wasn't necessarily outlined in a scenarios workshop - the process of developing the mental agility to imagine alternative paths into the future through scenario planning is an excellent way to train teams to think and develop mental agility to better tackle divergent future states.  

Remote scenario planning workshops

Last Saturday I facilitated a 1/2 day scenario workshop with a leadership team via Zoom, which gave them the needed clarity to make some important strategic decisions about the future of their organisation.

Even though we were all physically sitting in different geographic locations, we were still able to thoroughly work through a huge variety of influencing factors and compiled some insightful narrative scenarios as a result. In response to these, important action will now be taken.

Book a workshop

No matter where in the world you are physically located, if your organisation is facing an uncertain future and you see the need for a facilitated-discussion to explore possible future states that may unfold and how you might begin to plan your response now in anticipation; then get in touch with me to book an online session.