No need for leadership

Do you really need a leader?

Rick Rubin is one of the world greatest music producers.

He has produced iconic albums for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, The Beastie Boys and Metallica.

If you're a rock band and you want to push your sound and your talent to a new level of achievement - you call Rick Rubin.

He epitomises transformational leadership in music - his magic is that he gets the most out of a band, encouraging their natural ability and energy to fill an album with something special.

He doesn't do status quo.

If as a band you just want to stick with what you know and produce more of the same as before - then there is no need to spend the money on Rick Rubin's input.

Managers are fully capable of maintaining an organisation 'as is' - a leader is only really required if that same organisation has a desire to move beyond its present state into what it 'could be'.

Leaders lead people on a journey, a forward progression towards a vision of the future.

If there is no willingness to grow and develop and emerge into something more - then leadership is simply not required.

Too many experts loosely throw around the idea that there is a real need for effective leadership at all levels of society.

That's actually not true.

Only people that are on a journey of progression need a leader - the rest can make do with a manager.

Rick Rubin - the shaman of music
You may not have heard of Rick Rubin, but you will most certainly know his work...well.