You may not have heard of Rick Rubin, but you will most certainly know his work...well.

Rick Rubin is one of the best and most-awarded music producers in rock and R&B. He's worked with the like of the Foo Fighter, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, US, Kanye West, Jay Z and Metallica.

Why is Rick Rubin an interesting person to study? Because his skill is to get the very best out of the artists that he chooses to work with.

He's a facilitator of talent - some say a kind of musical shaman [video link] who guides his clients along the spiritual journey on which they find themselves.

There's something about his technique of working with clients that really resonates with me. Perhaps its the desire to connect with people on a deeper level so as to break some of the shackles of self-doubt that so many of us are burdened with that I admire. Maybe it's just that I love the process of music production, because it aligns so seamlessly with a lot of the work that I do.

Either way - this guy is somebody worth paying a bit of attention to.