Join the joyride this festive season

Checkers Sixty60 invite South Africans to join the party this summer.

One thing that's not overly-highlighted often when it comes to an analysis of just why Checkers have done so well with their Sixty60 program, is branding.

From the name, to the colour, to the promotional items and the ads - the marketing team responsible for building this brand have done an outstanding job.

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If we could write a case study on how to build a strong brand from scratch; this is the brand that we'd choose to focus on. Everything seems to have be thought of and covered.

On a related note, here's their latest Christmas ad, which is a nice little lead up to what promises to be a very busy summer. festive season in South Africa.

In case you were wondering - the song is the 1991 mega-hit from Roxette called 'Joyride' (there's that nostalgia thing coming through again). As an overall promotional package its very simple, but oh-so-effective.


How did Checkers Sixty60 achieve its radical outperformance?
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