How did Checkers Sixty60 achieve its radical outperformance?

If you are happy to just post marginal gains year-in and year-out - then don't read this post.

Achieve outperformance

There are no secrets as to how outsized-success can be achieved by any organisation; deliberate, purposeful decision-making is all that is needed.

Exclusive to members-only - a new book, written by Marius Du Toit, detailing the not-so-secret secrets of just how Checkers Sixty60 became the runaway corporate business success story of the last couple of years.

From roughly the start of 2020 to the second half of 2023, i.e., for
about three and a half years, a very interesting experiment played out in the South African corporate landscape:
At the start of this period the largest South Africa’s retail groups
all announced sixty-minute grocery deliveries. When the starter’s pistol
was fired, there was no inside lane. If there was a first-mover advantage it
was not with Shoprite. They were new to the online game. Yet, it was
Shoprite Checkers’ Sixty60 delivery service that completely and entirely
outperformed the others (and also the independent offerings). Three and a
half years later, the Sixty60 turnover is about one order of magnitude
larger than those of the others.

So, why did Sixty60 thrash the others? What was different there?

This book aims to answer that question. It is primarily aimed at anyone
interested in corporate-funded (as opposed to VC-funded) ventures. But if
you are interested in business outperformance, then this is for you too.


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