Zara captures the drudgery of the return to office life with new ad

Look alive everyone; it's time to head back to the office.

Art and advertising can often illustrate a deeper understanding of a construct than a 300-page report can.

With so many organisations ordering their staff corp back to the regimented '9-5'; Zoom-meetings wearing soft slippers are history, as is the significant disposable income saving thanks to not having to buy formal wear you hate to wear anywhere.

In a rare promotional appearance, Zara have released this quirky 'Back to Work' film. Emotionally the clip gifts the viewer with a melancholy reminder of the banal existence that many offices environments offer browbeaten employees.

Practically however, in the film the brand also manages to showcase many of their office-suitable fashion items available for men.

You can almost hear the muffled applause of those eager workers champing at the bit to get back to their old decks.

Zara are obviously not convinced that the future of work is office bound. For now though, they'll empathise with their customers with a tongue-in-cheek ad...and sell you a few things that you don't really want to buy, but have to anyway.