Your future of work

What would you like your work life to be?

What if...instead of retiring from your 9-5 commitments at 65, you instead carry on working on the projects that feed your soul well into your 90s?

What if...all of the current changes affecting our working part of life (AI, WFH, distributed companies, 4-day work weeks) completely revolutionise the whole concept of work in the coming years - making our current definition completely unrecognisable in a few years time?

What chose to only work 6-months of each year and then take 6-months to replenish your mind space by travelling, exploring new ideas and concepts away from work responsibilities?

'Work' is having a moment of disruption.

How we do it, from where, with whom, according to what rules are all currently up for redesign; options available have never been as numerous.

How organisations navigate this moment, and the choices that they make, will most certainly have a significant impact on their futures.

What you choose to do with this moment will have a tremendous effect on your futures.

All of the current headlines that are causing alarm should be seen collectively as a major factor of change affecting our working lives - this is a big pattern of change.

Old future visions are now no longer relevant, we need brand new images created from scratch.

Headlines probably won't spell it out, but society is currently having a significant moment. The future is yours to design it as you would like it to be.

Seize it.