Yanis Varoufakis wants to see Amazon pay this Black Friday


Remember Yanis Varoufakis?

He was, at one time, the Greek Finance Minister during the government debt crisis in that country. He has now gone on to start is own political party, MeRA25, and has a political partnership with Bernie Sanders.

He's what you would label a left-wing politician; extremely resistant to policies and systems that produce extreme inequality as well as the people that profit handsomely from them.

This Black Friday he is encouraging his supporters to boycott Amazon at all costs, in a bid to make Jeff Bezos hurt.

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon and America's third, or four richest person - making billions of dollars while Amazon workers scrape by on minimum wage and food stamps.

Mr Varoufakis is not by any means alone in his disgust in the behaviour of Amazon. Protest action against the company is planned to take place in 15 different countries around the world under the hashtag #MakeAmazonPay.

Without the proper regulations to combat anti-competitive behaviour, Amazon has been able to have a dramatically monopolistic effect on economies and society. Increasingly governments around the world are starting to show more of an active intention to change this. With increasing consumer pressure the speed of this regulation may improve.

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