For 25 years wine sales in the US have shown steady growth, but lately that trend has seen a reverse.

Concerned about the negative health effects of alcohol and carbs, Americans are switching to alcohol-free options and drinks that contribute less to bulging waist-lines.

“Millennials are just not embracing wine with open arms compared to previous generations,” said Brandy Rand, IWSR’s chief operating officer for the Americas. “With the rise in low and no-alcohol products and general consumer trends toward health and wellness, wine is in a tough place.” - via

The US is a big market, but nowhere near as strong as China.

The world's biggest wine drinkers

Wine as a product is going through a radical change. Almost every aspect of wine is locked into a traditional way of doing things that might not be as relevant anymore.

I remember when wine producers made the shocking announcement that wine bottles would no longer be sealed with an actual cork anymore. Traditional wine drinkers practically burst a vein at the thought.

The question wine producers need to be asking in 2020 is however, how radically innovative can we get with our product offering, packaging, route to market?

Those producers that can be creative and leave the past behind, will be the future disrupters in this changing space.

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