Why was the Musica brand allowed to die?

Musica - the iconic South African retail brand has failed to innovate and now its owners are choosing to let it die. Why?

In this week's chat to Kieno Kammies on CapeTalk - we cover Super Bowl LV, NBA Top Shots, LEGO's new white-noise innovation and a different angle of attack for the Jaguar brand.

I also talk about the closing down of Musica stores in South Africa - a move that Clicks management as labelled as 'inevitable'.

'Inevitable' is an astounding choice of word to describe this situation by Clicks management. The death of the brand is only 'inevitable' if you are looking at the problem from just one, entrenched perspective. 'Inevitable' speaks to a serious lack of creativity, imagination and an inability to successfully innovate.

The Clicks Group might argue that their strategy is to focus on developing the health and wellness part of their portfolio - a focus into which a Musica brand does not at first seem to naturally fit.

But music, culture, lifestyle - are a key component of a holistic view of wellness and wellbeing. A view which puts the happiness of people at its heart. A sad day for retail in South Africa and in years to come a real loss for the brand landscape of the country.

Here is one of the mentioned Jaguar ads that show the brand is taking a radical new look at who their customers are:

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