What's next?

One simple question is ultimately life's greatest teacher.

Now that you are here - what's next?

Staying right where you are now is not an option; and simply going with the flow might lead you somewhere you don't want to be.

Understanding the gaps that are opening up in the present, weighing up your options, and choosing your route to what's next seems obvious, but so too is recognising the barriers (both seen and unseen, physical and mental) that are possibly blocking your way.

Work on eliminating the barriers, and what's next will come a little easier.

The what's next question is one that never resolves in an answer, but is rather a motivator that magically drives our own life's journey forward.

Yet our quest to answer the what's next question is not nearly as important as the lessons we learn in overcoming the challenges that try to stop our chosen future from unfolding.

Courage, bravery, tenacity, creativity and ultimately wisdom are what we develop along the way. Just one simple question is ultimately life's greatest teacher.

Ask of yourself then...'what's next?'