What you choose to buy...and from whom is more important than ever

Proudly South African need to hire some proper marketing professionals to champion this message.

When you buy a bottle of milk - or a bar of chocolate - are you helping a small business owner, who lives in your city, employ more people and contribute towards the local economy; or are you helping a foreign multinational, listed on a stock exchange in another country, give its CEO another crazy bonus cheque.

Globalisation has done a lot for the world, but one of the problems of the excessive concentration of manufacturing power in just a few areas of the world has been a destabilisation of value chains and the loss of countless jobs in places like South Africa.

To balance this - you can choose to support small business and goods that are made locally.

Proudly South African recently launched a new ad campaign reminding us of this fact. But I have to actually agree with Keino Kammies on CapeTalk - the ad does come across as a bit amateurish.

This is an important message that you would hope the State President would get behind to promote, rather than it being handed off to some toothless backwater of the DTI.

So our suggestion to Proudly South African is to hire some proper marketing professionals to champion this message. Spend some money on people that know a thing or two about making change happen.  If you're not sure who can do this job - call us...we have a full list that we can offer you.