What should you stop doing right now?

To dissolve - rather than simply solve - problems, begin by taking things away.

A lot of the focus when it comes to strategies to unlock the future is on what needs to be done.

Action steps, projects, initiatives...things to do. Go, go, go!

What is often completely ignored is a list of all of the things that need to be stopped as another important part of strategy.

That means putting together a 'To NOT do list'.  

Things on this 'To NOT do list' could include; the work assigned to creating all of the meaningless reports that nobody actually reads, the hour-long meetings that could be done just as well in 15-minutes, the urge to make important decisions based on nothing but gut feel and mental bias, instead of gathering evidence based on research.

A commitment to stopping activities that do not contribute positively towards your ideal future state is as important as your dedication to the actions that will take you there.

In combination, you give yourself the best chance of successfully implementing your plans without the handbrake of the past stealing time an energy from the important things that need to be accomplished.

So what's on your 'To NOT do list' right now?