What kind of character do you need to develop to thrive in the future?

What specific character traits or personal virtues will it be useful to develop in an uncertain future?

We all know that the most in demand professionals are those people who have a speciality that is science-based.

Engineers, doctors, programmers, data analysts, mathematicians are all considered highly-skilled and sought-after in our highly-quantifiable modern world.

The World Economic Forum offered a well-used list of their Top 10 skills everyone should develop by 2020 in order to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
These are the top 10 skills you will need in the workplace in 2020.

Skills which include complex problem solving, creativity, EQ and decision making.

But deeper than that - what specific character traits or personal virtues will it be useful to develop in an uncertain future?

What is the point of possessing all of these skills, but then not being able to build the right level of trust with others and enough social capital to fully utilise these gifts?

In my recent chat to Dr Tom Lombardo - I was reminded of the critical importance of actively developing some critical character virtues if we are to thrive into the future. In our chat he specifically focused in on the need for tenacity, especially for people who are creative and are wanted to develop innovative solutions to problems.

Apart from tenacity, Aristotle suggested that in order for people to perform their human function well; they should develop their character according to 12 key virtues:

1) Courage – the bravery to explore the unknown & uncertain outside of your comfort zone

2) Temperance – the ability to maintain self-control and restraint

3) Liberality – whole-heartedness and generosity towards others

4) Magnificence – to have a keen or buoyant enjoyment of life

5) Pride – to strive for excellence in your life

6) Honour – respect, reverence, admiration

7) Good Temper – to be level headed and fair

8) Friendliness – to be a nice person to be around

9) Truthfulness – honesty and straightforwardness

10) Wit – to have a sense of humour and playfulness

11) Friendship – to pursue camaraderie and companionship with others

12) Justice – fairness and equality

How to work on character virtues?

Virtues are character traits that are developed out of the love of yourself and others. In order to develop a virtue within yourself the best way to do this is to pick one, carefully define what it really means for you and then set about a period of time (a day or week) over which you will consciously be aware of- and work on your own improvement of that specific behaviour.

There is evidence all around us of a total absence of manners.

We seem to have been caught up in this idea that the obnoxious and rude seem to get ahead. Nobody wants to work with a bully, which is all the more reason to explore the ancient art of developing ethical virtues more.

Other virtues include:

Acceptance - Assertiveness - Authenticity - Beauty - Caring - Cleanliness - Commitment - Compassion - Confidence - Consideration - Contentment - Cooperation - Courage - Creativity - Detachment - Determination - Dignity -Encouragement - Enthusiasm - Ethical - Excellence - Fairness - Faith - Flexibility -Forgiveness - Friendliness - Generosity - Gentleness - Graciousness - Gratitude -Harmonious - Helpfulness - Honesty - Honour - Hope - Humility - Idealism - Integrity - Imaginative - Joyfulness - Justice - Kindness - Love - Loyalty - Moderation - Modesty - Optimistic - Orderliness - Passionate - Patience - Peace - Perseverance - Preparedness - Purposefulness - Reliability - Respect - Responsibility - Reverence -Self-discipline - Service - Sincerity - Tact - Temperate - Tenacious - Thankfulness -Tolerance - Trust - Truthfulness - Understanding - Unity - Visionary - Wisdom -Wonder