What is clearly missing in South African politics

Where do we start?

As far as I can tell - no South African politician has ever presented a clear, compelling and plausible vision of what South Africa could be in the future.

There is no inspiring vision for the country.

A story of how great a country we will be in the year 2050 (set in the context of new technologies, a growing population and rapid urbanisation) is absent in the mind's eye of all South Africans

An exciting image of what we could achieve collectively as a nation, something to work towards, doesn't exist.

Instead our gaze is directed towards the past, our attention spans are filled with the immense challenges of the present, and as individuals, we build walls of personal anxiety with the anger about what hasn't been given to us as yet as a member of one identifiable part of a historically divided society.

All good strategies start with an image of what you want to create.

What's missing for the future of South Africa is a good start.