What business did you say you are in again?

It might actually be the wrong one.

It might seem like an odd question, but do you really know what business you are in?

What business should you actually be in?

You may at first think that these are silly questions, but you would be surprised as to how quickly companies can change their answers to these questions.

Three year ago, Checkers would have said that they were in the brick-and-mortar supermarket business. Today Checkers will probably say that they are in the smart groceries supply business.

The model of 'keeping shelves stocked with grocery products for walk-in customers' is a vastly different one from a business that 'holistically satisfies the grocery needs and demands of customers'.

Netflix used to be a 'DVD delivery business', today they are in the 'streaming and studio' business.

Amazon used to just sell books online, today their biggest revenue comes from selling web services.

The world is changing all of the time, assuming that you need to stay in the same business tomorrow, that you were in yesterday, can be problematic.

'What business are you in?'

'What business should you be in?'

'What business could you be in?'