Wet wipes - essential for drag queens and babies, but these handy helpers are made of plastic and soaked in a world of toxic chemicals.

Earthly - from the USA - are a new type of disposable wet wipe that are designed with a circular economy mindset.

They are made with 50% unbleached, OEKO-TEX certified, Mississippi grown True Cotton, and 50% mechanically repurposed post-industrial cotton clothing scrap–keeping unnecessary waste from landfills.

What's also great is that you can choose what kind of 'wet' option you need; be it to remove make-up or for your new born baby, and the whole thing comes in a reusable, plastic-free container that's earth and people friendly.

There is no doubt that people are demanding that their products are better for themselves and the environment, and brands that recognise that and do something about it will do very well in the future. This is a trend that we are watching very closely. The opportunity here for South African brands is enormous.