We change the game when we find each other

No celebrities, no primadonnas, no fancy stuff

Skateboarding will, for the first time ever, be part of this year's Olympic Games.

That's right - Olympic Gold is hitting the street and Facebook couldn't be happier.

They've teamed up with legendary ad agency Droga5 to create a series of ads in a new 'We Change the Game When We Find Each Other' campaign.

In our personal favourite - Skate Nation Ghana - the story gets told as to how skateboarding became a huge thing in Ghana, thanks in part to people being able to connect with each other and skate together thanks to Facebook.

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...and Once Upon a Time Everywhere

No celebrities, no primadonnas, no fancy stuff - just great stories about how communities of skateboarding fans have propelled the rise in popularity of the sport.

It seems fitting that the Olympics recognises it with due reverence.