The life offered to you in advertising is bullshit - we all know it, but people tasked with selling you stuff can't bare the thought that their product won't magically transform your sorry life into some kind of Clueless sequel; so advertising portrays a nonsense reality.

Look - most marketing people are totally out of touch with reality in any case. They're too busy in meetings or snacking on little sausages at cocktails parties where irrelevant awards are given out to actually spend time getting to know their customers.  

Talking to customers is something a research company do - marketers would never lower themselves to such levels.

But life doesn't happen inside an air conditioned shopping mall.

Realising this - probably because VW marketing people can't afford to shop in fancy shopping malls any more - VW have produced a refreshingly honest ad featuring families, and the truly gnarly stuff that family life really entails.

Same Difference | VW Atlas

The backing track is none other than Johnny Cash singing 'These are my people'.

This reminds us of a recent Nando's ad that was recognised recently at one of those above mentioned awards ceremonies, in which they took a big, public swipe at ABSA for their 'Africanicity' [or whatever it is] stance.

Nando's | More South African Flavour

VW are being pretty honest now - a $2.8 billion criminal fine for lying will do that.