Veuve Clicquot welcomes new guests into the lifestyle

Veuve Clicquot shows that even the world's biggest brands need to constantly reinvent themselves.

France's Veuve Clicquot are once again opening a pop-up hotel experience in Australia called Hotel Clicquot.

Welcoming guests for three-night stays from from October 13 to 28, Hotel Clicquot boasts luxury rooms and amenities, including a Veuve Clicquot-branded swimming pool with matching yellow and white umbrellas for patrons to repose under. In addition to relaxation, the hotel is offering a series of culinary experiences led by some of Australia’s finest chefs.

This is part of the brand's strategy to deepen their relationship with the right kind of customer through these kinds of luxury brand experiences (we've highlighted one of these before).

In addition to this, Veuve Clicquot also have a number of branded items for sale that include a Veuve Clicquot SMEG mini-fridge, a surfboard as well as a Dutch-style bicycle for $4200 (Australian dollars I assume).

Onwards and upwards

Even though the brand is well-established and enjoys a brand platform built on a rich heritage of excellence, these types of projects demonstrate that the LVMH-owned megabrand is not resting on their laurels to drive them into the future.

The brand is still hard at work, crafting extraordinarily detailed customer journeys on which to build a new storyline for where they want to go next.

All too often brands get arrogant, they assume that the work is done and no more needs to be spent on what comes next.

Take Veuve Clicquot as a case study in the need for constant reinvention.


LVMH’s Veuve Clicquot opens pop-up hotel in Australia - Retail in Asia
France’s Veuve Clicquot is opening a one-of-a-kind pop-up hotel in Australia, giving guests a chance to discover the LVMH-owned champagne via a luxury tourism experience. SEE ALSO: Cartier makes Australian airport retail boutique debut with Valiram in Sydney Hotel Clicquot first debuted in Byron Bay…