There are a lot of people that are assuming that life will return, once again, to what it was like before the month of March 2020.

I'm desperately wishing, and holding thumbs, that they are totally wrong about this.

I'm hoping that the world in 2025 looks nothing like the world did in 2019.

Because the world in 2019 frankly wasn't great.

It worked supposedly for some people, but it was nowhere near a fair reflection of humanity's highest possible potential as a species.

The unequal prosperity of a few at the expense of the rest of humanity, as well as the sustainability of the planet, is hardly an indication of success; considering how supposedly clever and self aware we apparently are.

This pandemic then is the perfect opportunity to stop - step back for a second - and purposefully adjust your point of view on your life...and the things that you are in control of creating in it.

This is also a golden opportunity to shift your perspective on your business.

What is the overall purpose of your business?

Who benefits from its existence?

Does it facilitate people achieving their highest possible potential as a result of its existence?

Does your organisation make a positive contribution to the world?

If you could completely redesign it today - to serve everyone involved in it equally - what would it then look like?

This is indeed a perfect moment in time to ask some new and probing questions of your organisation.

It's a great time to purposefully shift your perspective - to see things from a different angle and open up new possibilities from a very different future.

And not because you're stuck at home and have nothing better to do, but because the world might very well look and behave very differently in the future; and the old way of doing things just might not be as useful any more.


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