It's 2020 and with global economic growth grinding to a halt, trade wars, local retrenchments, the collapse of trust in society and climate change filling the headlines everyday - it feels like there are a million things on the go, all of which appear to spell impending doom for your business.

It's tempting to get lost in the attractiveness of the impeding disaster, but the dawn of a new decade, in many ways, compels us to go back to basics when it comes to resetting our mindsets and intentions at the beginning of 2020.

It was the renown management consultant Peter Drucker who said;

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”
― Peter Drucker

Creating and keeping a customer means that any business needs to focus their efforts almost entirely on their marketing effort - the product, price, place, promotion, positioning, packaging and people that deliver the offering into the market place.

And then because our customers are changing all of the time; your task is then to understand the bigger triggers of this change, forecast how the change might unfold into the future, and then innovate your offering into that educated understanding on a continuous basis.

Marketing and innovation are a constant; and the aim is to focus all efforts on improving both...all of the time.

If you can make this your mantra in 2020 and focus all of you leadership efforts into realising this - you've got a great base on which to build for the future.


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