The world's 'most effective ads' in 2022 - all have one thing in common

Many brands still think that they need to be showboating their own brilliance in their ads.

Annually, Kantar reveals a list of ads that are considered to be the world's most effective.

This is an important list to take note of, because unlike pretty much all other advertising award ceremonies (where the industry itself awards advertising, which is judged purely on creativity) the Effectiveness Awards judges adverting from the perspective of consumers - likability and sales conversion are the key metrics here, rather than just fancy art direction.

Kantar’s global director of creative Vera Sidlova explained that the research used different methods to determine the most effective ads, using composite measures that are predictive of sales and long-term contribution to brand equity, including a focus on short-term sales likelihood. Another ranking metric, “Contribution Score,” predicts an ad’s ability to support long-term brand building. These two metrics were combined with the highest average from both topping the awards list. - via

This year's most effective ad is for a hardware retailer in New Zealand called Mitre 10.

Standouts for us in the Top 10 were also this one for Johnnie Walker:

...and this ad for the Samsung Galaxy Pro Notebook.

As well as a Nigerian ad for Martell.

Here's the rest of the Top 10 list -  courtesy of Adweek

Mitre10 – With You All The Way – FCB New Zealand
Martell – Be The Standout Swift – BBH London
Johnny Walker – Keep Walking Anthem – Anomaly
Prime Video – Volare brand campaign – CyW
One-Twist Hair Color – McCann Paris
Care is Magic – Digitas/Soapbox Films
Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes –  Night Time – Ogilvy
Chupa Chups – XXL Flavour Playlist
Samsung – Galaxy Book Pro_Launch – Unknown
Pella Windows and Doors – Stormy Heights – Eleven

What's the take-away here?

Let's start off by stating the obvious point that advertising, as a promotional tool, is meant to build long-term brand equity and generate the conditions under which sales of the brands products can be more effectively facilitated.

Ad agencies would love to win awards from the ads they sell to clients, but awards don't do the job the client is paying the agency to do. Unless advertising is building long-term brand equity / generating short-term sales its just paid-for entertainment at best.

What stood out in many of the ads that cracked the nod to be on the Kantar list, was how focused the advertising was on 'making the customer the hero' rather than the brand. Many brands still think that they need to be showboating their own brilliance in their ads rather than actually demonstrating the benefit of a relationship from the customer's point of view.

Average people with simple wants and needs helped along by whatever it is that the brand is offering; that what resonates with audiences in 2022.

In many ways, thought leaders in the brand and marketing arena keep on talking about the need to commit to authentic brand storytelling, to win over the trust of the market - this collection of effective ads seems to demonstrate just how to do that.

The take-away then for brands wanting to improve the effectiveness of their advertising is that 'it's just not about you' - it's about how you make your customers feel.

Focus on them.


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