The Woolworths Christmas window at the V&A Waterfront

Quality and an excellent customer experience seem to be back on the strategy agenda over at Woolies.

For whatever reason, not too many retail outlets at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront bother too much about creating a special Christmas-themed window.

Clicks have a few random stickers in their window, TAG Heuer have a display that features a very small Santa Claus, but in general it's hard to find anything festive.

Woolworths at the V&A have put in some effort, and for us, it really stands out. They don't have a hellava lot of space to work with, but the display itself really jumps out at you with a pop of colour.

We're not sure if this is a part of some kind of new strategy, but there are signs that 'the sleeping giant' - that we once referred to in a previous post - is perhaps starting to stir.

It looks like Woolworths may be starting to see what makes them unique and different from the other supermarket groups - and are starting to claim it back again.

Generally (besides the shops themselves) the mall at the V&A is looking rather festive at the moment - here are a few images of what things are looking like over there.

Post-covid, there also seems to be a significant amount of new energy and creativity that is being produced by the management team at Africa's #1 tourist attraction.