If there's one thing the fashion industry is very good at - it's convincing consumers of their 'green' credentials. Sadly much of the noise being made by big clothing brands is total nonsense, but because nobody audits the claims that are made - the circus just carries on.

So who then are doing well when it comes to trying to limit their footprint on the earth, and who are guilt of greenwashing in the clothing industry? A recent report, by an American-Canadian environmental advocacy group called Stand.earth has ranked 45 top fashion companies and reveals some surprises.

What the report reveals is that of all the companies surveyed [which include some of the loudest voice in the sustainable fashion movement] only 2 are actually succeeding in the quest to limit their impact on the environment.

Those two brands are Levi's and American Eagle Outfitters.
Keeping it in check - Levi's & AEO

What is very surprising is that brands like Patagonia and REI - who make a bloody big song and dance about how sustainable they are - scored so poorly in this index.

Patagonia not doing so well when it comes to backing up their green credentials

The worst offenders on the list include the likes of Lululemon and Under Armor

The worst offenders

Read the full report here.