Monocle Magazine has been an extraordinary publishing success over the past decade.

At a time when most publishing houses were either going digital or shutting down, Tyler Brûlé went the opposite way - publishing huge print editions, jam-packed with international feature, beautiful photographs and expensive illustrations.

But how?

How is it that where most are struggling to stay in business, Monocle has flourished?

In this keynote presentation to the Distripress Forum in 2018 - he gives away just a bit of his brand thinking for Monocle magazine, which we found incredibly interesting:

"Sadly, we are rapidly losing the ability to define ourselves intellectually."

It is this key bit of insight which is the opportunity that the entire Monocle empire is built - and a brilliant one at that.

Even if you are not in publishing, in many way this is a masterclass in brand positioning in a market where others just blindly follow unexamined assumptions, and is very much worth your while in watching.


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