The new jobs: The Chief Future of Work Officer

The Chief Future of Work Officer is now a thing.

In reaction to the plethora of recent change that companies have experienced, reports are suggesting that an increasing number of companies are appointing C-suite executives tasked with reimagining the future of work in their companies.

The Chief Future of Work Officer is now a thing.

'New data from LinkedIn provided to Forbes finds there has been a 60% increase in job titles related to the future of work and a 304% spike in titles that reference “hybrid work” since the pandemic began.
Some examples, LinkedIn says, include titles like “hybrid workplace flexibility lead,” “director of hybrid working,” “flexible workspace operations manager” and “vice president, employee engagement & flexible work.”' - via

There is no doubt that varying degrees of hybrid work will most certainly be a significant part of the future of how work gets done in organisations.

The reason for the need of this specialist role is that all organisations are unique in how they do their work. They make use of different systems, values, they have different cultures and goals and what used to work well when everyone was sitting 5 days a week in an office, is no longer functioning as effectively now.

Work systems themselves need to be redesigned and reorganised for a more digitally enabled reality.

Our feeling is that this new hybrid-work model that everyone is adopting presents organisations with a great opportunity to open up their organisations to a far more dynamic way of operating.

Rather than this being a change that is in need of a emergency patch, this is wonderful opportunity to leverage technology and new ideas to create companies that are far more robust and welcoming of talent and creativity from a diverse array of empowered specialists.

The Chief Future of Work Executive sounds like a role straight out of a science fiction movie, but thinking imaginatively about how your greatest asset - your people - should be engaging with each other and the company surely is a must-have.  

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