The most critical company department in the future

The fight is for very scarce and extremely expensive skillsets.

Increasingly business is engaged in a fierce battle.

The fight is for very scarce and extremely expensive skill sets.

The war for talent on the global stage is hotting up - data scientists, digital marketers, senior developers, digital transformation specialists etc. are all critical for any business that has an optimistic view of the future.

But finding and retaining these people is key - and this is where the HR department comes in.

Look - as easy as it might be - we're not here to make blatant fun of people who work in HR, but let's be honest for a quick second, if there is an organisational function that is almost universally's HR.

Most HR people are still counting leave days on Excel spreadsheets; their ability to effectively scope, source, evaluate and retain talent is non-existent. The professional attracts individuals whose only intent is working half days, but with the insistence of a full bonus cheque at the end of the year.

But that will need to change if companies are going to unlock their maximum future potential with the right talent.

HR will need to innovate (or in most cases...become a proper profession) and redefine their role in the organisation. It's no longer about filing paper, it has to be about hunting the best.