The future you want starts today

Start building that you want tomorrow, today.

Coronation Fund Managers have released a new ad.

Coronation are obviously in the business of investing your money wisely so that you can reap the financial rewards of careful money management in the future.

The ad drives that clear point home well.

Their message however is also relevant for all other parts of life relating to the future - that is; start building that you want tomorrow, today.

BTW - we do also enjoy the more lighthearted tone that Coronation have taken with this execution.

Most money management brand building is very serious and frankly utterly boring. Coronation have chosen a more approachable route, channelling the backing track to one of those old, legendary Peter Stuyvesant ads that inspired so many Gen Xer's to take a puff of their own 'international passports' behind the school squash courts at break time.

Ah...good times.