The current state of advertising

A film about how broken an entire industry can get.

If ever there was an industry that can be considered to be self-obsessed - it's advertising.

You can't turn anywhere without some or other ad-person whining about 'where the industry is heading', or 'what's wrong with the industry', or whatever blah blah blah there is about 'the industry'.

The industrialisation of creative thinking is in turmoil, because the industry itself no longer has a monopoly.

The moat around creative thinking has gone; and now the industry itself is left trying to convince its clients that they still 'own' creative ideas.

It's pathetic.

Rather than reimagining how 'the industry' could possibly create new value from the resources that they are able to attract and mould, they spend their time trying to defend an old business model.  They're literally trying to defend old thinking while supposedly selling the exact opposite.

It's the same old questions posed by the same old guys.

Launching this Wednesday at Cannes Lions, 22 June 2022 is a documentary film called Kill your Darlings which is a snapshot of the state of the global advertising industry in 2022.

If you can stay awake long enough, you may find it amusing.