The anti-AI strategy

Some brands are realising that talent is a better differentiator than technology.

With everyone now touting the use of data and AI in how products are selected and marketed; some brands are seeing opportunity in letting customers know that their selections are actually made by living, breathing human beings who have taste....and a real opinion.

MarketingBrew reports:

In a fall campaign that debuted earlier this month, the Paramount-owned Pluto TV streaming service opted to fictionalize the real-life people behind the programming of the free service’s lineup of channels and categories. The campaign, “Programmed by Humans,” includes three commercials where programmers appear in viewers’ living rooms to remind them that there are real people, not just algorithms, behind the scenes.

No cheap and nasty 'artificial intelligence' was used to curate these shows.

They're all hand-selected by people...who need to be paid a salary, take leave and often work from home (...shocking I know - keep that little news titbit away from the CEO in his seventies who demands 'bums in seats' and uses cringy phases like 'pound of flesh').

ChatGPT-powered recommendations are obviously useful for mass channels like YouTube and TikTok, but many niche media brands are preferring instead use human-curation as a differentiator. That's the problem with a easily accessible tool that has a lot of hype and adoption; the unique value of mentioning its use doesn't last very long.

AI-engines are now the benchmark; we're back to people again already.