The art of listening

Carefully listening to what somebody is saying is a quickest way to build and strengthen a relationship.

You learn nothing new when you speak.

Listening to somebody is not just about audibly hearing the words that they are saying; good listening is tapping into what somebody else is trying to achieve.

It takes into account the phrases that they chooses to use, inflections in their voice, body language, emotional expression.

Carefully listening to what somebody is saying, affirming them and showing that you have taken the time to try understand what they want, is a quickest way to build and strengthen a relationship; a direct route to building respect and a bond.

'Another key to good listening is paying attention and avoiding distraction. In the information age, it is all too easy for focus to drift to a news headline, a TikTok video or the latest outrage on Twitter. In another study in the Harvard Business Review, participants paired with distracted listeners felt more anxious than those who received full attention.'

In a world so full of noise and distraction, giving another your full and undivided attention by carefully listening to them, feels like the highest honour you can give.

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