Consumers are demanding that brands transition towards being more environmentally sustainable.

Brands are scrambling to answer the call and in the chaos and urgency are adopting brand new, cutting-edge technology that not only appear to solve the problem, but become part of a new powerful promotional story that ticks all the right boxes.

But do these miracle products actually do less harm?

Is a soy-based burger that tastes just like meat really any better for you and the environment? Are clothes made from recycled plastic bottles really a 'green win'?

Turns out - things are just not as simple as that...

'Sustainable fashion' might just be a bigger problem than the problem it was meant to solve.

The only real solution if society is really going to commit to keeping things sustainable is for consumers to simply buy less stuff, which is a future reality that consumer brands don't want to hear.

But how will your business survive in a future world where people are hesitant to purchase anything new? What new business model should you be considering now in anticipation?