Merch, swag ... whatever you want to call it, it's HOT right now.

But let's be real here, we're not talking about your standard Sanlam golf shirt kinda promotional items here - we're talking about branded gear that people actually want to own.

In a recent resurgence of their brand, Stüssy have partnered with Bicycle Playing Cards to create a limited edition set of 52-cards that they're selling for US$10.

Printed on Bicycle brand cardstock in USA, the deck features a Stüssy’s handstyle font and a logo focused black rear design. All cards come complete with an Air-Cushion Finish and packaged in a matching custom flip top box. - via

If there's one thing the world does need more of, it's nice friendships between brands that create desirable, limited edition nuggets of pure goodness like this.

This is commercial creativity simply celebrating the joys of dancing together. Wonderful!