Thinking differently about how to resolve your sticky issues.

You know the feeling of 'being stuck'?

A mildly frustrating gnawing at your sense of personal agency caused mainly by uncertainty as to how to move forward; to progress further from where you are currently imprisoned in time.

Feeling stuck is disempowering; you know that the longer it persists the more you are passively contributing to a waste of your true potential.

In an effort to break free you push harder, but being stuck doesn't respond well to an increased application of force.

Instead of trying to initiate an additional intervention to resolve the issue, rather try to see what barriers are preventing easy forward movement.

Focus on what can be taken away instead of what can be added.

Identify the blockages, the fences, the roadblocks that are in the way - and actively take them away. Drop the projects, activities, thinking that are no longer serving your progression.

Everything moves better when it is given the space to do so.