Starting from scratch

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't

A lot of our decision-making is really just a continuation of the thinking that we are already comfortable with and used to.

Without really considering the options that are actually available to us in the present, we often just do what we did before - we re-choose the things that seemed to work out okay before.

We tend to go to the same restaurants, watch the same kind of movies, carry on doing the job that we already, have day in and day out, even though it frustrates and bores us.

'Better the devil you know than the devil you don't' - we tell ourselves.

What if instead of doing that, you chose rather to make a decision as if it were the very first time you were seen the options available to you.

Try making your selection as if you were starting from scratch. Doing it for the very first time.

What do you now choose instead?

It's on the odd occasion that people really question their decisions which they are so used to making without thinking about it, but very often those old, entrenched pathways are not necessarily the best choices for us.

We select them because they are familiar, they are tried and tested and without apparent risk.

This kind of thinking is also an unchallenged assumption that keeps us from exploring alternatives that actually could turn out to be far better pathways towards what we really want.

Give it a go

Starting right now (just for fun) think of something that you just always automatically choose (it could be anything...the type of pizza that you always order, or how you put together your company strategy for the year ahead) and see that activity as a project to actively question what it is that you really want and commit to making a selection based on a having all options newly available to you.