Springbok Rugby World Cup 2023 promotional campaigns go live

How international rugby teams are positioning themselves in the hearts of fans leading up to Rugby World Cup 2023.

Expect a lot of rousing rugby related national ad campaigns to go live over the coming month.

Already we have seen Australian national coach, Eddie Jones, featured in a typical, self deprecating series of ads for the Wallabies.

The All Blacks, in partnership with Adidas, have released an ad that feels very much in line with what an imagined All Blacks RWC lead-up ad should feel like.

Nothing radically risky here.

Then the Springboks - thanks to DSTV - are starting to throw a few build-up nuggets their fan's way now too.

For South Africa is a 2-part testimonial style clip featuring players recounting who they will be personally playing this World Cup for.

Also courtesy of DSTV is a promo called The Social Experiment in which a large group of players and fans gather to witness what they all have in common with each other.

The tone of the Springbok ads are very appropriate for where the team and the country are right now.

Astoundingly too it feels as if, once again, we as South Africans are hoping that our national rugby team can do for us what our so-called leaders have time-and-time again failed to do. Unite the nation.

What once was a symbol of division, the Springboks have become a vital role model for what could be.

"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does."

Those words spoken by Mandela, clearly still ring true in our collective consciousness.

We hold our collective breath in anticipation for something remarkable to celebrate this October the 28th.


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