Sorry we don't do that

The importance of list of all the stuff you don't do.

There will obviously be something unique about what it is that you do, but equally important is all of the stuff that you don't do.

The 'hard no', the 'this is certainly not us' and the 'we'd rather refer you to somebody else' list is key.

Clarity around what you don't do is very much overlooked, but rather than being restrictive, actually adds significant weight to whatever it is that you do do.

If you're clear on what you are not, you can spend far more time getting better at what you are.

By defining your no-go areas, you empower your strengths and turbo-charge your selected positioning and strategy.

Saying no confidently is tough, but entertaining the blurred lines can be expensive. Trying to make everyone happy means that you are choosing to not build strong relationships with those that really count.

Look after 'the golden circle' - the rest don't matter.