Slow advertising

De'Longhi is a luxury brand, so slow advertising crafted by the likes of Brad Pitt works.

Sunday 1 October 2023 was international coffee day.

To celebrate De’Longhi released the latest iteration of their promotional relationship with Brad Pitt, which dates back to 2021.

Directed by none other than Bennett Miller - who has directed Hollywood films such as Moneyball (one of our favourites) and Capote - this simple film can best be described as slow advertising.

No script, no flashy soundtrack, hardly any recognisable storyline; just Brad Pitt driving through the Italian countryside drinking coffee.

De'Longhi is understandably a luxury coffee brand, which is why slow advertising works for it.

The intention here is to stir a sense of desire in the viewer. Desire for this lifestyle, this routine, this laid back attitude; all out of reach except for the lucky few.

Damn it, now we want one of these things.

Brad Pitt Drives Through the French Countryside in New De’Longhi Campaign for National Coffee Day
To commemorate the release of De’Longhi’s new cold brew machines, brand ambassador Pitt stars in Bennett Miller’s coffee-centric short cinematic film.


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