Nissan scores with a 4-hour long ad

Spotting a growing YouTube trend, the car brand has massive audience success.

It's easy to assume that all successful branded YouTube videos should be jam-packed with scenes of exciting action, accompanied by a loud, foot-tapping musical score to get attention.

But Nissan chose to try the exact opposite in a campaign created to promote their new all-electric vehicle, Ariya.

Taking inspiration from the wildly popular lo-fi music trend, in collaboration with a creator called Lofi Girl they created a 4-hour long animated, music ad, compiled with 15 tracks of super-chill music.

The ad has been viewed 18 million times in 3 months recording an average watch time of 15 minutes across all devices.

It's by far the most relaxing ad we've enjoyed for a while - if the drive in the car is anything like this - then we'll forget about that new Land Rover Defender that we've got our eye on and opt for this thing instead.

It's refreshing to see an advertiser not just trying to replicate a TV-ad format onto a digital platform, but to rather work with the best emerging aspects of the platform to create more effective content.


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