Should brands still take risks?

Let's ask Ryan Reynolds.

"These days it feels like the world is obsessed with being politically correct."

That's a statement I heard sometime last week, which obviously wasn't the first time I've heard somebody saying that, but the person saying it this time just so happened to be a senior brand manager at a well-known company infamous for, over the years, building their brand through some pretty risqué humour.

Sadly their appetite for taking on risk in their advertising style has recently waned.

So then - in light of the world's increasing level of sensitivity towards content that offends some people, should brands still take risks with the tone of the advertising and communications?

Is the era of rock 'n roll branding dead?

Well,! Don't be silly.

Obviously offensive advertising is dead, but clever, aware, ballsy advertising will never go out of fashion.

It's now just more obvious when a brand is headed up by somebody who's clearly out of touch. Don't be scared.

Cue Ryan Reynolds...