Advertising often comes across as being a little desperate.

It's as if the message urgently tries to grab your attention and lure your gaze away from whatever it is that is distracting you, towards hopes that you will give it what it wants - a slice of your time. Reluctantly it then then backs down, letting you carry on with your life, but with itself embedded in your subconscious.

These two Shelflife ads, directed by Marc Sidelsky are nothing like that.

They are chill, laid back and totally at ease with themselves and your indifference to them. Which is exactly what makes them so damn cool.

Also pay fleeting attention, if you will, to the quality of the grading in these clips. The colours are so stupidly vivid and arresting.

It would be rude not to offer a deliberate hat tip to advertising that exudes this much confidence.

If Jim Morrison were still alive today and he was making ads for South African retailers, this is most probably what he'd be producing.

If you were ever in doubt as to the future prospects of South African creative advertising - spend a bit of time marvelling at the uniqueness and obvious quality of these ads. There isn't anything else like it.